Changing the way we produce and consume Food

At Baru Fresh we believe that it is possible to meet increasing food demand from the global population in an alternative and sustainable way as opposed to modern factory farming.

By introducing high-tech hydroponic farming systems we have been addressing issues such as high productivity coupled with a less wasteful approach to resource consumption meaning reduced waste, preservation of water and a diminished reliance on pesticides, fertilisers and other potentially harmful materials. By developing our online ordering grocery model with at-home delivery we have been able to cut the middle man and democratized the access to fresh organic food which is the key to help fighting obesity, diabetes and malnutrition. In this context, Baru Fresh actively cooperates with smaller farmers by providing them with access to consumers via its online grocery and allows them to capture the value of their product at a near-to-retail price.

Empowering local communities and responsible Ecotourism

Grand Caribbean Marinas, a collection of International Yacht marinas on the Eastern side of Puerto Rico Island, contributes every day to transform the area of Fajardo into a vibrant economy by providing a source of livelihood to local community which is more sustainable.

Awarded with the Blue Flag International Certification, we have been leading the effort to promote eco and sustainable tourism in the island by applying a number of tools including Safety and Service environmental measures to preserve water quality and combine a sense of contact and bonding of tourists with the island’s world-class natural resources.  

As a mission, we strive to make sure that our industry brings a positive impact to locals, tourists, and the environment, aiming to conserve resources, especially biological diversity, which brings ecological experience to travelers and sustains the well-being of local people.


Fostering Social Responsibility

It takes more than capital

Panama´s native Indians Ngabe-Bugle, currently constitute the heart of Baru Fresh personnel. This has been a result of management, education and information programs to unlock indigenous talents in their native land as well as learning centers aimed to train and educate Ngabe-Bugle men and women to sustainable agriculture in controlled environment.

Reducing Environmental Impact

We have the responsibility to leave the world a better place for future generations

With our alliance with the Minister of Environment in Panama we have contributed to the special program “Alianza por el Million”, with the aim to arrest soil erosion and recover eco-systems through reforestation of more than one million trees.

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